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Let us help you plan your visit to BC Wine Country. Use our categorized Greatest Hits listings to learn more about places to see, stay, play, eat and sip. Each featured listing has provided detailed information about themselves, location map, contact information, images, videos, web links and more. Check back often for newly added content. 

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Touring Tips

Five BC Wine Tour Do's and don'ts


Do Wear comfortable shoes.

When you're not actively sipping wine on a BC wine tour you'll likely be walking. Walking up or down to a fabulous viewpoint for that perfect selfie, walking from one end of a state of the art architectural marvel to the other, walking on a winding path to a charming farm gate winery... you get the point.


Don't Wear white.

Even if it's appropriately before Labour Day try to stay away from wearing white or alternatively bring a spare. Accidents happen when red wine is splashing around in your glass! If you're new to swirling wine in your glass, rest it on the table or tasting bar, hold it at the base of the glass and move it in small circles to achieve the swirl.


Do Spit.

It's not impolite to spit, in fact it's encouraged. You'll likely be tasting a lot of wines in a day so spit away. You'll get used to it! Be aware that BC has zero tolerance for drinking and driving. A designated driver is a must. Consider hiring a tour operator for the day, it's a great way to relax and experience BC Wine Country.


Don't smell it up.

Make a point of not wearing fragrances before you go. You don't want to disrupt your senses of smell and taste or anyone else's for that matter.


Do take notes.

You'll likely be tasting a lot of wines and will want to keep track of the stand-outs. Jot down your impressions for future reference. Keep it brief, remember you're there for the experience, not studying for a test. You can always google it later. Do pick up a copy of the BC Wine Tour Handbook which conveniently includes space for you to jot down your notes.

What's in the Glass

wine glass styles

BC Wine Trends


Low Alcohol Wine.

An increased focus on health and wellness is driving a push toward lower alcohol wines. Some BC wineries are hearing the call of these health-focused consumers and are begining to producing wines with less than 10 per cent alcohol. These wines tend to contain fewer calories than traditional ones, which is also their large appeal.


Small Format Packaging.

More and more wines are showing up on retail shelves in half bottles and 250-ml cans. These formats appeal to consumers, who might want a glass of wine with dinner but not want to drink a whole bottle. Cans in particular are more eco-friendly, quick-to-chill, portable and convenient for on-the-go consumption.


Natural Wines.

Organic wine making has been around for a long time, but proprietors are taking natural production to another level with zero additives, spontaneous fermentation, no filtering and the use of gravity to transfer wines from the crush pad to tanks and barrels. The idea is to get the most character and expression out of the grapes, with little to no interference by man and increased sustainability. Other examples of this are the use of beneficial insects to combat grubs and catepillars or mulching, composting and growing vegetation beneath the vines to provide habitat for natural predators instead of using insecticides.


Single Vineyard Wines.

There's a growing interest in producing wines that come from one vineyard or even a single block within a vineyard. BC's terroir is quite varied and grapes growing in certain locations can have very unique characteristic compared to another. It is not uncommon for wineries to produce several different wines made with the same variety from different vineyards or blocks.


E-Commerce and Virtual Experiences.

The pandemic drove the popularity of online sales and remote learning and the wine industry has fully embraced it. Much of BC wine retail is order and shipped with the click of the keyboard. Virtual tastings and cooking classes enable distant consumers to enjoy real time experiences previously unavailable to them.

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